What kind of man are you? The time to start thinking about your health is now in your 20s and 30s. The habits you create today will shape your health in your not-so later years. By owning your health now, you really can add 10 quality years to the middle of your life.
• You're not invincible. Don't act like you are. Protect yourself.
• Know your family's medical history.
• Wear a condom. Play it safe.

• Fruits and vegetables aren't optional. Real food doesn't come from a vending machine.
• Cholesterol can make you soft. Remember that next time you eat french fries.
• Binge drinking + fast food = one seriously unhealthy combo.

DINNER                 SNACKS
• Fitness has to start somewhere. Start working out now and you'll find it only gets easier.
• Get your heart pumpin' and get your sweat on. 30 minutes a day is all it takes.
• Strong heart = a stronger sex life.

It's simple to Man Up - do you have it covered? Answer 8 quick questions to see how you stack up against other dudes. Fully anonymous.
Man Up is sponsored by the Men's Health Initiative of British Columbia. Visit their site AboutMen.ca for answers to all of your questions.
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